Hull Cleaning


EODSL uses the industry leading Remora SOLO.
With its powerful battery-powered motor,

proprietary brush system, and specially designed impeller hub, the Remora SOLO is the ideal tool for tough hull cleaning jobs.

Hull cleaning should be a regular part of your general boat maintenance schedule. Removing marine growth such as barnacles, mussels and weed will work to avoid fouling and potential damage to the hull itself.

This occurs once penetrated through the anti-foul and seal coating. It is estimated that a fouled hull can increase fuel costs by over 25%, and if left alone, significant damage may require your boat to be dry docked for repairs, costing hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars.

The cheaper alternative? Underwater hull cleaning and maintenance. A regular and comprehensive service with Ebunu Offshore Services Limited will increase the efficiency of your vessel, prevent drag and fouling, and help you sleep easy at night.

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